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Valentine’s Day

During my typical years of teenage angst I had a very unwanted hatred of Valentine’s Day.  I excitedly looked forward to the small heart box of chocolates by daddy gave me and my sister every year since I was a little girl.  I always knew I would have this small treasure.  But, as I got older, I desperately wanted a Valentine of my own to lavish me with silly gifts.  I would look through all the sales sheets in the paper leading up to the big day and imagine what heart shaped JCPenney necklace I would want as a gift.  I (probably rudely) dismissed gifts from unwanted Valentine’s.  Eventually, I channeled my energy into making Valentine’s Day special for others – friend, family, etc.  I decided to embrace the celebration of love in broader forms.  Then I met my husband.

Ever since that very hot June day 13 years ago, Valentine’s Day has been my favorite holiday.  My hubby has never failed to amaze me every Valentine’s Day.  Two years ago he even bought me the cheesy JCPenney heart shaped necklace that I’d dreamed of years ago.  I didn’t even know he remembered me telling him that story.  Well, this year was no departure from the typical amazing thoughtfulness.  This year he gave me a voice.

Last night I walked into our room and saw a brand new writing desk (one I had seen and loved years ago), a glass of wine, chocolate and flowers.  My laptop sat on the new desk opened to my new website!  My husband has told me for years to start a blog/write a book/share my voice. I have toyed with the idea for years, especially since surgical residency has provided me with pages and pages of material – both amazing and heart breaking.  So, here is my Valentine’s Day gift, my recovery room.  Please come here and hang out with me as I share my stories and my crafts.  Feel free to share your recovery too!




  1. What a wonderful idea! I know you will have amazing things to share that will force a smile on everyone’s face after a long day, as well as, cause many of us to wipe a tear from our eyes! Good luck on your new endeavor…I am eagerly awaiting your next entry:)

  2. I am so so happy that your husband’s gave you this beautiful valentines gift :) I absolutely love all your post on the MIM blog as I feel like you are the one I can relate to the most. I am graduating next year, getting ready to be married the following year and starting the whole med school application process for a 2015 entry. My absolute dream is to become a surgeon but because I had so many lives before my current degree I doubted myself a lot (am I too old to enter a career in surgery, are my fiance and I crazy to want children while I will be in medical school, can we survive the demand of such a career + my very competitive/drivenambitious nature), not even talking about the fact that my husband to be works in finance and barely comes home as it is.. But hey, we will try ! Thank you so much for posting your thoughts, you can’t imagine how often they helped me, or provoked very important discussion with my fiance.. So thank you for living your best life and showing us that it is possible to be a happy resident despite the turmoils and the sacrifices :)

  3. cutter

    March 9, 2014 at 12:36 am

    Nessa, thanks so much for your comments! So kind of you to say those things! Feel free to contact me with any questions you have along the way. I may not have the answers but I’m happy to be an ear to bounce thoughts off of. Good luck to you in everything!

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