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Today I was in a mood when I got to work.  The weather was dreary.  Savvy woke up early and spent the morning crying that she didn’t want to go to school but instead just wanted to “hang out” with me.  By, the time I got to the hospital I felt tired!  I decided to walk in from the front of the hospital to maximize my window time before heading to the basement and I found myself walking up the slight incline at the old end of the hospital.  I had never paid much attention to this incline until my nighttime dinner visits from Savvy while I was on night float a few months ago.  She would giggle and jump excitedly every time we approached this incline. “The MOUNTAIN!  Time to climb the MOUNTAIN!!!” she would say and grab my hand for one of her favorite parts of her visit.  At first I didn’t exactly know what she was referring to, but from the eyes of a three year old, this incline was indeed a little mountain.

So, this morning, I climbed the mountain.  I climbed it with the vigor and joy of my three year old girl.  And, today I had a wonderful day.

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  1. Nassrene Elmadhun

    May 1, 2014 at 12:42 am

    Hi Cutter,
    I am a pgy5 surgery resident at Beth Israel deaconess medical center in Boston and mom to Elias, our 10month old son. I had my baby while in the lab and have so much apprehension about returning to residency in June. One of my friends/surgery resident/new mom just told me about your blog. It is so encouraging to see mama surgeons like you do so well and balance life the way you do! Please keep sharing your voice with us! I wish there was a way for us all to meet. Maybe at ACS one year?
    Much love,

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