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Click on each picture for the story behind the creation of each piece of jewelry.  I make all my jewelry with my collection of surgical tools.   I started this endeavor quite organically and just used what I had in my house for tools and found that surgical instruments work perfectly! This is my favorite pastime when I just need a mental break from it all.  And when I’m done I have a nice gift for myself or a friend!




  1. You always had the best earrings. Luv it !!!

  2. Thank you :) I will get in touch via MIM email should the need arise :)

    I love your creations, you should set up an etsy shop.. i especially the gift to your sister. If you ever feel like doing it again and selling it, I would be interested in purchasing a pair :)

    • Cutter

      April 15, 2014 at 8:34 pm

      I did it! Check out my Etsy page. Let me know if you’re interested in something you don’t see or want something you see customized and I’ll see if I can do it! I’m having a ‘Sale’ this week!!

      • I have just seen your Etsy page ! I am preparing for my destination wedding and I will order around 10 pair of earrings as I want to include them in my bridesmaids gift bags :) I just need to decide if I will pick the same for all of them or pick different pairs ! I don’t know how I missed the Etsy button. Silly me ! Will you need a lot of time to make them or can I order 10 pairs and still receive them somehow within a couple of weeks? (I am based in the UK but I will probably have them shipped at my parents in France so I can send them to Indonesia where we are getting married!)

        • Cutter

          June 30, 2014 at 8:55 pm

          I can do 10 pairs in two weeks. Let me know which ones you are thinking of since some require more specialized materials and I can get started now. If you tell me which ones you want I’ll make a specific order just for you in Etsy with a combined price! Thanks so much for your checking out my site!

  3. I am on it ! I am a bit swamped up with revision and trying to get a hold of my wedding vendors atm (no one is as relaxed as the Indonesian). I should be done with all my exams the last week of August, on the 21st. After that, I have planned an epic wedding planning weekend so I will pick the earrings then and maybe email you exactly what I want? (I think I might even get some as female guest favor !) Because I will most definitely order > 10 I would rather place the order and then leave you the time to do it without any pressure. It would be very very helpful to have them by let’s say June 2015 at the latest ! March 2015 would be great but I have 10 bridesmaids and something like 65 female guests so let’s just forget it haha You already have a full life as it is !
    Thank you, I can finally cross something out of my list !!

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