I’m one month into chief year.  Savvy is 2 weeks into pre-school and we are both loving it!

After 2 years of daily morning struggles to convince Savvy to go to school, suddenly she’s actually waking Shane up in the mornings and telling him she has to hurry and get to school.  I think we both sort of love learning.

Pre-school is all about turning daycare from more passive learning amidst play into a commitment to learning new things, solidifying old things and constant academic and social growth.  Pre-school is the pre-lude to real school.  Its one year to get them ready to go to Kindergarten.  Basically, its chief year for babies!

As one of my attendings put it, I’ve entered the “big leagues.” And to whom much is given, much is expected.  The independence, patient ownership, opportunities to teach junior residents and the constant operating are all amazing parts of this year.  But, along with this comes the responsibility when things go wrong or when patients don’t progress as you like.  Along with it comes increased accountability to these patients who have trusted you with the care of their bodies while they have surrendered control.

Savvy and I are enjoying experiencing these amazing journeys together.  Every evening we trade stories – counting to 100 by 10s, learning about the animals in the sea, taking something bad out of someones belly, helping the sick girl feel better.  And, when we’re done, we’ll celebrate the end of this leg of the journey together as we await what is to come!