For two nights in a row, my entire call team was all women.  From the attending down to the students.  Over half of us were also mothers – one a mother of two!  One of my junior residents had asked me if we could make sparkle earrings the next time she was on call with me.  I think it was mostly a joke, but in a moment of craziness, I decided to oblige.  I cut a number of shape earrings out of polymer clay while hanging out at home with my daughter before heading in for night call.  We used the time to review shapes and peanut made a necklace for herself.   I baked the clay and glued on some earring backs and packed up the earrings with some glittery nail polish  and decided we’d give it a try.

Of course we had a crazy busy call night.  However, our stress reliever while dictating and writing orders was painting and decorating our earrings!  Our surgery war room was full of nail polish and glitter!  The next morning the next victim on call with me complained that she wanted earrings too.  So I went home and made some more of my shape creations.  That night even my attending got in on the earring making fun.

Love it, post call and earrings as a parting gift.  Yep, this is surgery!


Call night earring fest Call night earring fest Call night earrings